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You are a click away from helping save the world!

    Help Cure Breast Cancer

    Click links bellow to help woman
    in need. It’s 100% Free

    Click to support life changing research


    Click to give free mammograms 


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    Genuine Caring News: Music Can Help Women Triumph Over Tragedy | Songs For A Cause, Truth For Women →


    Every song downloaded or sent via #GiftASong, in the name of the Truth For Women Center on helps this charity support women who are in crisis as well as assists them in bringing awareness and providing support for victims of sex trafficking.

    Download a…

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    Hey, I’m really excited about this cause. I thought you’d be interested too.

    By joining this cause, 
    you can help accomplish its mission: 
    We’re a community making an impact
    in sustainability, education, 
    diversity, a
    nd safety.

    If you take a one question quiz 
    AT&T will donate $2 to 
    The Nature Conservancy
    Click here to take the quiz now!

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    Why Don’t You Donate $1?

    With your support, 
    the World Food Programme is
    fighting hunger every day, 
    whether they’re saving lives 
    in an emergency or providing
    schoolchildren with vital nourishment.

    It takes just one dollar to
    fill four cups with nutritious
    meals. Working together, we 
    can build a world without hunger.

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    Below are a few petitions worth signing. 
    it’s just another little way that you can make a big change.  

    Protect African Cats

    Protect Fish Populations and Keep Oceans Healthy

    Fight Child Hunger This Summer

    Stop Canada’s Cruel Seal Hunt

    Don’t Kill Sea Lions

    Rescue Chimps From the Research Lab

    Stop Trashing Out Oceans

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    Help End World Hunger!

    For each answer you get right, Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.


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